Meditation May Allow Your Brain To Process Information Faster

Meditation not only strengthens the connections between brain cells, but may also allow your brain to process information faster.

This is the conclusion of a study at the UCLA Laboratory of Neuro Imaging.

The researchers found that people who have practiced meditation the longest in years have more folds in the outer layer of their brains. It is thought that these additional folds allow their brains to be better at processing information, making decisions and forming memories.

It is possible that genetics can be responsible for the physical differences in the brains of the people studied. However, the positive correlation between the number of years that meditation is practiced, and the additional amount of folding in the outer layers of the brain suggest that meditation is, at least, partly responsible.

I have had a difficult time staying with a meditation routine. I just find it difficult to relax and stay focused on just one thing for 15 to 30 minutes. However, that is the point of the exercise.

Those that stick with the meditation regimen become masters of introspection, awareness, emotional control and self-regulation. They have a superior ability to stay relaxed and focused. Like anything else, it takes years of practice, practice and more practice.

If you can continue to do meditation techniques everyday for years, you not only develop superior self-control, but also improve the function and health of your brain.

The government is now attempting to find medical ways to prevent brain diseases such as Alzheimer's. Recent research, however, suggest that the best way to improve and maintain brain health are
  1. A daily routine of physical exercise
  2. Adhering to a Mediterranean type of diet and a high omega-3 content diet
  3. And practice daily meditation techniques.
Charles A. Pennison


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