A Component of Oregano Kills Prostate Cancer Cells

If you love oregano and have an above average risk for prostate cancer, you are in luck. A component of oregano kills prostate cancer cells.

That is what researcher Dr. Supriya Bavadekar of the Long Island University is reporting at a conference in San Diego.

Carvacrol appears to cause the death of prostate cancer cells, which is otherwise known as "cell suicide." It is a component of the essential oils in oregano and thyme.  More research will be conducted to determine exactly how carvacrol goes about killing these cancer cells.

Since the herbs oregano and thyme are widely used spices and considered safe for human consumption, the use of its oil to kill prostate cancer cells is a significant finding in the fight against cancer. Natural remedies for serious diseases is always a significant breakthrough, since these potential cures are typically cheaper than manufactured drugs, and have less to no dangerous side-effects.

I personally don't like oregano, but I may be developing a taste for this spice, since I come from a family that has an above average risk for developing prostate cancer. There was a time when you could not get me to eat one sardine, but I now eat three servings a week of this little and nutrient packed fish. So I know that I can learn to appreciate the taste of oregano.

Fresh oregano is less pungent than the dried version. It complements most tomato sauce and meat recipes. The flowers are also edible, and can be used in salads.

The plant is fairly easy to grow, and is hardy from US planting zones 5 to 9. It can be grown in containers, or used as a ground cover in sunny gardens. It has few pest problems.

So, include fresh oregano in your arsenal of prostate cancer fighters, and frequently use this healthy spice to improve your health and fitness.



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