Build Muscle With Light Weights and More Repetitions

Building muscle with light weights and more repetitions is just as effective as heavier weights and less repetitions.

That is the conclusion of a study conducted by researcher Nicholas Burd, PhD of the Maastricht University Medical Centre in the Netherlands.

This has been my preferred method of strength training as well. I have always felt that I can reduce my risk of injury by using lighter weights with more repetitions. And this study indicates that this method of strength training is good for building muscle around an injury where heavy weights may make the injury worse.

This method of strength training is especially effective for
  1. the frail elderly
  2. an injured athlete
  3. or someone who does not have access to heavier weights
To be as effective as using heavier weights, however, you must keep doing the exercise to the point of exercise-induced fatigue. In other words, the last two repetitions should be very hard to complete.

 So if you don't like using heavy weights, or don't have access to heavy weights, this method of building muscle with light weights and more repetitions is a way for you to improve your muscle fitness levels.



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