FTC: Skechers Deceived Consumers With Shoe Ads

 It would be great to be able to increase weight loss, reduce your body fat and improve circulation and aerobic conditioning simply by wearing shoes. As usual, what appears too good to be true is too good to be true.

The FTC claims that Skechers incorrectly reported results of research studies that also included defects. They claimed people lost weight when they actually gained weight. The FTC also claims that the company failed to disclose that a researcher was paid to conduct and study on the shoes, and that the researcher was married to a Skechers marketing executive.

I always thought it strange that people would want to wear shoes that are designed to keep you off balance as you walk. But the lure of looking like a super model by wearing shoes is tempting.

If you truly want to strengthen muscle, reduce body fat and improve aerobic conditioning, you will have to
  1. eat properly and with healthy portions
  2. and stay physically active as much as possible throughout the day.
There is just no way around it. A healthy body is the result of a healthy lifestyle, and not the type of shoes that you wear.

For information on the Skechers Refund, visit  http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/cases/skechers/index.shtm .


FTC: Skechers Refunds
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