Two Essential Ingredients In Preventing Kidney Stones

Water and one surprising ingredient are essential in preventing Kidney Stones.

You probably guessed that consuming too little water can lead to the formation of kidney stones. But did you know that too little calcium in your diet can also lead to the formation of kidney stones?

And the important thing about calcium in preventing kidney stones is that it needs to come from a food source, and not from supplements. Apparently, calcium from supplements did not prevent the formation of kidney stones.

This is the conclusion of researchers from the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Research Conclusions 

Their research is based on following 78,293 US women for an average of eight years. Their research conclusions include:
  1. The women with the highest calcium consumption in their diets were 28% less likely to develop kidney stones compared to the women with the lowest consumption of calcium.
  2. Women with the highest consumption of fluids per day had a 20% lower risk of developing stones than the women with the lowest fluid intake.
  3. Women who had the highest levels of sodium in their diet had a whopping 61% higher risks of developing kidney stones than the women with the lowest levels of sodium in their diet. 
Best Ways of Preventing Kidney Stones

Based on their research conclusions, the best ways to prevent the formation of kidney stones are to
  1. Eat foods high in calcium content
  2. Stay away from calcium supplements
  3. Drink sufficient fluids every day
  4. Reduce your sodium intake
Foods Highest in Calcium Content

These foods have the highest calcium content according to Whole Foods
  1. Yogurt - 44.8% RDV
  2. Tofu - 39.6% RDV
  3. Sesame Seeds - 35.1% RDV
  4. Sardines - 34.6% RDV
  5. Milk - 29.2% RDV
  6. Collard Greens - 26.6% RDV
  7. Cheese - 22.1% RDV
  8. Turnip Greens - 19.7% RDV
How Much Fluids Per Day?

Every one is a little different. The best way to determine how much fluids you should consume each day is to look at your urine. If it is pale in color, your fluid intake is adequate. If it is dark in color, you should consume more fluids.

How To Reduce Your Sodium Intake

Besides using less salt, you should also reduce your intake of fast foods, processed meats and canned foods. You can also use Lite Salt.

So, eat more foods high in calcium content, take in adequate amounts of fluids and reduce your sodium consumption to improve your kidney's health and fitness by preventing the formation of kidney stones.



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